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Of those statements, 116 were amended to remove or change negative comments about South Yorkshire Police. Liverpool supporters were allocated the North and West ends (Leppings Lane), holding 24,256 fans, reached by 23 turnstiles from a narrow concourse. Rather than establishing crowd safety as the priority, clubs, local authorities and the police viewed their roles and responsibilities through the 'lens of hooliganism'. It occurred during an FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in the two standing-only central pens in the Leppings Lane stand allocated to Liverpool supporters. The season saw Arsenal win their first league title for 18 years, in dramatic fashion, as they beat defending champions Liverpool 2–0 at Anfield to clinch the title on number of goals scored. [53], UEFA President Jacques Georges caused controversy by describing the Liverpool supporters as "beasts",[54] wrongly suggesting that hooliganism was the cause of the disaster, which had occurred less than four years after the Heysel Stadium disaster. [214], Other services took place at the same time, including at the Anglican Liverpool Cathedral and the Roman Catholic Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. Nobody really had any comment on it—they just took one look and went away shaking their heads in wonder at the enormity of it. Christopher Eccleston, Annabelle Apsion, Ricky Tomlinson and Mark Womack were among the cast of the film. This item will be sent through the Global … With 96 deaths and 766 injuries, it has the highest death toll in British sporting history. They see themselves whenever possible as victims, and resent their victim status; yet at the same time they wallow in it. Nor do I consider that there is any justification for setting up any further inquiry into the performance of the emergency and hospital services. [140] Maria Eagle confirmed her understanding that WMP actions in this respect would be the subject of IPCC scrutiny.[135]. In 2009 BBC Radio 4 transmitted "The Reunion": on the 20th anniversary Sue MacGregor brought together a group of people who were involved in the disaster to talk about the events of that day at a time when they were still in the midst of their fight for justice. People presenting tickets at the wrong turnstiles and those who had been refused entry could not leave because of the crowd behind them but remained as an obstruction. The second covers the twenty seasons between the wars. Buy home, away and special player editions plus training kit. The disaster has been acknowledged on 15 April each year by the community in Liverpool and football in general. [160] During the inquests, Duckenfield confirmed that he became a Freemason in 1975 and became Worshipful Master of his local lodge in 1990, a year after the disaster; following this revelation, Freemasons were forbidden to take part in the IPCC investigation and Operation Resolve as civilian investigators to prevent any perceived bias. Winning bid: £7.60 [ 5 bids] No additional import charges on delivery. The safety certificate was never renewed and the stated capacity of the stadium was never changed. "[42]:146, A total of 42 ambulances arrived at the stadium. [79], One of the individual cases where the circumstances of death were not fully resolved was that of Kevin Williams, the fifteen-year-old son of Anne Williams. Sheffield Wednesday Results Fixtures 1988/1989 Date Competition Match Att/KO View; Sat … ", "Hillsborough: Freemason cops banned from working on criminal probe into cover-up", "Freemasons barred from investigation into alleged Hillsborough 'cover-up, "Hillsborough disaster: Why have freemasons been banned from the 1989 tragedy 'cover up' probe? A last match victory in 1974 saved them from the Third Division abyss, but the writing was on the wall, and the following season they were relegated with just five league victories. Sign in for checkout Check out as guest . [80] The Hillsborough Independent Panel considered the available evidence and stated that "the initial pathologist's opinion appeared definitive, but further authoritative opinions raised significant doubts about the accuracy of that initial opinion. It was not until 1926, that they won the Second Division Championship and regained their First Division place. The remaining four periods cover the seasons since 1945 and have been chosen to reflect the changing fortunes of the club. [232] These media reports and others were examined during the 2012 Hillsborough Independent Panel report. [129][130][131][132] Calls were also made for Sir Dave Richards to resign as chairman of the Premier League and give up his knighthood as a result of his conduct at Sheffield Wednesday at the time of the disaster. 1988/89 SHEFFIELD UNITED v SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY 12/9/88 COLIN MORRIS TESTIMONIAL : Condition:--not specified. 1988/89 Liverpool v Sheffield Wednesday Football Programme | Bob's Football Programmes | Buy Football Programmes and Sell Bob's Football Programmes is one of the world's largest Full time dealers in Football Programmes with over 30 years experience in the football trade. Dean Davis and David Walters, South African Liverpool supporters, are responsible for the service and the bench was commissioned by Guy Prowse in 2008. [179][180][181], Home Secretary Theresa May announced on 18 December 2012 that a new police inquiry would be initiated to examine the possibility of charging agencies other than the police over the Hillsborough deaths. The T-shirt was red with white details like a Liverpool shirt, and had the number 96 on the back like a football shirt, with the text "Karma" and "What goes around comes back around", and a white rose, as associated with Yorkshire. Football Kit Archive Leagues. His remarks led to Liverpool F.C. [189], On 10 September 2018, at a trial preparation hearing at Preston Crown Court, Duckenfield pleaded not guilty to all 95 charges against him. As well as a place to buy programmes that might be missing from your collection, we are also an information resource. Gerrard has said the disaster inspired him to lead the team he supported as a boy and become a top professional football player. A headstone at the junction of Middlewood Road, Leppings Lane and Wadsley Lane, near the ground and by the. Of those who died, 78 were aged under 30, 38 of whom were under 20, and all but three of the victims were aged under 50.[75]. The right course of action is to withdraw this edition from sale—which we will be doing. Add to basket : Watch … This is a list of seasons played by Sheffield Wednesday Football Club in English and … Subscribing to iFollow today means you'll get even more access to Sheffield Wednesday content, including: Live coverage of all of our fixtures, meaning you'll never miss a game; Match highlights to relive all the action; Don't forget, at least … [3] Following the Taylor Report, the Director of Public Prosecutions ruled there was no evidence to justify prosecution of any individuals or institutions. Team captain Steven Gerrard and vice-captain Jamie Carragher handed the freedom of the city to the families of all the victims. Trust v Bland [1993] A.C. 789, a landmark House of Lords decision in English criminal law, that allowed the life-support machine of Tony Bland, a Hillsborough victim in a persistent vegetative state, to be switched off. Finally, a summary of appearances and goals, for all the players who took part in that season are listed. There is a permanent memorial to the 96 fans who died, in the form of a bench in view of the battlefield at a nearby lodge. He said: "The citizens of Bradford behaved with quiet dignity and great courage. Before joining the Football League they had already reached one FA Cup Final and whilst they were disappointed at not being one of the founder members of the Football League in 1888, they had only four years to wait to join an enlarged league, when it was expanded to two divisions in 1892. [247], The Sun apologised for its treatment of the Hillsborough disaster "without reservation" in a full page opinion piece on 7 July 2004, saying it had "committed the most terrible mistake in its history" by publishing it. It was performed by Lord Justice Stuart-Smith. "[26], Police presence at the previous year's FA Cup semi-final (also between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest and also at Hillsborough Stadium) had been overseen by Chief Superintendent Brian L. 183–200. South Yorkshire's police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright has appointed chief constable Simon Parr of Cambridgeshire Constabulary to head the investigation. [42]:149, The adverse comments of two doctors regarding the emergency response appeared in the media. After an initial rush, thousands of supporters entered the stadium "steadily at a fast walk". [86], Lord Taylor noted with regard to the performance of the senior police officers in command that "...neither their handling of the problems on the day nor their account of it in evidence showed the qualities of leadership to be expected of their rank". ... [T]here was no effective leadership either from control or on the pitch to harness and organise rescue efforts. Deborah Glass, deputy chair of the IPCC said, "We know the people who have contacted us are the tip of the iceberg." Forum. Why are we treated like animals?' Chief Superintendent Mole himself was to be transferred to the Barnsley division for "career development reasons". [280], The Spectator's comments were widely circulated following the April 2016 verdict by the Hillsborough inquest's second hearing proving unlawful killing of the 96 dead at Hillsborough. No … [32] Many supporters wished to enjoy the day and were in no hurry to enter the stadium too early. They both gave evidence at the 2016 Warrington inquests. First Round. [227] The Sheffield Star published similar allegations to The Sun, running the headline "Fans in Drunken Attacks on Police". [39], South Yorkshire Police Superintendent Greenwood (the ground commander) realised the situation, and ran on the field to gain referee Ray Lewis's attention. Now they are customers to be wooed and cosseted", "Deaths and Injuries at Major Accidents at British Football Stadiums", "Hillsborough families call for Sheffield Wednesday manslaughter inquiry", "How Bradford fire neglect left Hillsborough doomed to disaster", "Safety failings that contributed to death of 96 Liverpool fans were foreseeable", "Sheffield licensing officer from time of Hillsborough disaster still works for council", "Sky Blues fans recall Hillsborough choas", "Hillsborough warning signs were there in 1987", "David Bernstein makes unreserved apology for Hillsborough disaster", "Witness statement of Chief Superintendent Brian Mole, South Yorkshire Police", "Hillsborough inquest hears of police commander's transfer before match", "Hillsborough police officer in command 'had little training' for 1989 FA Cup", "BBC Panorama 2013: Hillsborough Disaster. Fans outside could hear cheering as the teams came on the pitch ten minutes before the match started, and as the match kicked off, but could not gain entrance. [233], The information was provided to the newspaper by Whites News Agency in Sheffield;[234] the newspaper cited claims by police inspector Gordon Sykes, that Liverpool fans had pickpocketed the dead,[235] as well as other claims by unnamed police officers and local Conservative MP Irvine Patnick. Several campaigns have attempted to get the government to relax the regulation and allow standing areas to return to Premiership and Championship grounds.[104]. This performance currently places Sheffield Wednesday at 21st out of 24 teams in the Championship Table, winning 27% of matches. On 12 September 2012, it published its report and simultaneously launched a website containing 450,000 pages of material[109] collated from 85 organisations and individuals[110] over two years. This is our response", "Hillsborough inquest verdict: the front pages", "As disgusting as it is unsurprising. [12] [1][3][240] The Guardian later wrote that "The claim that supporters higher up the Leppings Lane terrace had urinated on police pulling bodies out of the crush appeared to have roots in the fact that those who were dying or sustaining serious injuries suffered compression asphyxia and many involuntarily urinated, vomited and emptied their bowels as they were crushed."[241]. [268], The November 2002 edition of the men's lifestyle magazine FHM in Australia was swiftly withdrawn from sale soon after its publication, and a public apology made in the Australian and British editions, because it contained jokes mocking the disaster. [286], In October 2011, Sir Oliver Popplewell, who chaired the public inquiry into the 1985 Bradford City stadium fire at Valley Parade that killed 56 people, called on the families of the Hillsborough victims to look at the "quiet dignity and great courage relatives in the West Yorkshire city had shown in the years following the tragedy". [9]:67 Sheffield Wednesday were later criticised for neglecting safety in the stadium, especially after an incident in the semi-final of the 1981 FA Cup. Meanwhile, on the pitch, police, stewards and members of the St John Ambulance service were overwhelmed. [12] Public anger over the actions of their force during the second inquests led to the suspension of SYP chief constable David Crompton following the verdict. The police became a convenient scapegoat, and the Sun newspaper a whipping-boy for daring, albeit in a tasteless fashion, to hint at the wider causes of the incident.[276]. Former Sheffield Wednesday F.C. Sheffield Wednesday v Southampton - 11th March 1983 - The Kop at Hillsborough full for the first Sunday professional match in the city. [146][147][148], On the day after the verdicts were reached the Home Secretary, Theresa May, made a statement to Parliament which included the verdicts of the jury to the fourteen questions they had been asked regarding the roles of South Yorkshire police, the South Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service, Sheffield Wednesday football club and Hillsborough stadium's engineers and two specific questions specific relating to the time and cause of death for each of the dead. After the crush in 1981, Hillsborough was not chosen to host an FA Cup semi-final for six years until 1987. Stephen Whittle is considered by some to be the 97th victim of Hillsborough, as due to work commitments, he had sold his ticket to a friend (whom he and his family chose not to identify), who then died in the disaster; the resulting feeling of survivor guilt is believed to be the main reason for his suicide in February 2011.[74]. On 23 October 2012, Norman Bettison resigned with immediate effect as Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, after Maria Eagle MP on the floor of the House and protected by parliamentary privilege, accused him of boasting about concocting a story that all the Liverpool fans were drunk and police were afraid they were going to break down the gates and decided to open them. Sheffield Wednesday Results Fixtures 1989/1990. [56][57], A disaster appeal fund was set up with donations of £500,000 from the Government, £100,000 from Liverpool F.C. The memorial service, led by the Bishop of Liverpool began at 14:45 BST and a two-minute silence (observed across Liverpool and in Sheffield and Nottingham, including public transport coming to a stand-still)[211][212] was held at the time of the disaster twenty years earlier, 15:06 BST. Duckenfield took medical retirement on a full police pension. [31], Three chartered trains transported Liverpool supporters to Sheffield for a match fixture[b] in 1988, but only one such train ran in 1989. [228][229], In other regional newspapers, the Manchester Evening News wrote that the "Anfield Army charged on to the terrace behind the goal—many without tickets", and the Yorkshire Post wrote that the "trampling crush" had been started by "thousands of fans" who were "latecomers ... forc[ing] their way into the ground". After the disaster's 20th anniversary in April 2009, supported by the Culture secretary, Andy Burnham, and Minister of State for Justice, Maria Eagle, the government asked the Home Office and Department of Culture, Media and Sport to investigate the best way for this information to be made public. : 765); The Hillsborough Stadium Disaster: Inquiry Final Report (Command Paper); Home Office; This page was last edited on 18 March 2021, at 20:03. [187], In December 2017, it was announced that a police officer and a farrier would not be prosecuted over allegations that they fabricated a story about a police horse being burned with cigarettes at Hillsborough. Hillsborough aired the first time on 15 April 2014, the 25th anniversary of the disaster. He concluded that this formed an exacerbating factor[33] but that police, seeking to rationalise their loss of control, overestimated the element of drunkenness in the crowd. [184][185], On 9 August, all except Duckenfield appeared at Warrington Magistrates Court. An 8 foot high clock, dating from the 1780s, was installed at, A memorial plaque dedicated to the 96 at Goodison Park in Liverpool, home of local rivals, Nicholson, Carol E., and B. Roebuck. So whether you are a dedicated collector of Football Programmes or just looking for something special be assured you can … On 26 July 2000, the judge refused the prosecution's application for a re-trial of Duckenfield. Sheffield Wednesday: 1988-89 25/02: Derby County: 3:2: Everton: 1988-89 29/10: Derby County: 4:1: Wimbledon: 1988-89 10/04: Everton: 3:2: Charlton Athletic: 1988-89 01/04: Everton: 4:1: Queens Park Rangers: 1988-89 08/10: Everton: 4:1: Southampton: 1988-89 14/03: Liverpool: 5:0: Luton Town: Season 1988-89. The ceremony ended with 96 rings of church bells across the city and a rendition of "You'll Never Walk Alone". The match was abandoned but was restaged at Old Trafford in Manchester on 7 May 1989 with Liverpool winning and going on to win the FA Cup. Their first success came in 1896, when they took the FA Cup back to Yorkshire for the first time. Turnstiles numbered 1 to 10, 10 in all, provided access to 9,700 seats in the North Stand; a further 6 turnstiles (numbered 11 to 16) provided access to 4,456 seats in the upper tier of the West Stand. Candles were lit for each of the 96 people who died. Nevertheless, it was the season that included the famous 7-2 victory at Old Trafford in the FA Cup fourth round replay. Trevor Hicks, whose two daughters had been killed, described the verdicts as 'lawful' but 'immoral'.[77]. These pages contain the playing record of every player who has played for the club. This article was presumably published before there were any reports that people had been killed. He dismissed the claim by senior police officers that they had no reason to anticipate problems, since congestion had occurred at both the 1987 and 1988 semi-finals. However, MacKenzie did not accept any personal responsibility for the story. A memorial at Hillsborough stadium, unveiled on the tenth anniversary of the disaster on 15 April 1999, reads: "In memory of the 96 men, women, and children who tragically died and the countless people whose lives were changed forever. How They Buried the Truth". They buried their dead, comforted the bereaved and succoured the injured. With the imminent release of police documents relating to events on 15 April 1989, the Hillsborough Family Support Group launched Project 96, a fundraising initiative on 1 August 2009. "[264], Pearce went on reflect that if South Yorkshire Police bore any responsibility, it was "for not realising what brutes they had to handle. [4][5], The first coroner's inquests into the Hillsborough disaster, completed in 1991, ruled all the deaths accidental. [9] Serious overcrowding was observed at the 1987 quarter-final between Sheffield Wednesday and Coventry City[24] and again during the semi-final between Coventry City and Leeds United at Hillsborough. Duckenfield admitted he had lied in certain statements regarding the causes of the disaster. During the episode car mechanic Minty said: "Five years out of Europe because of Heysel, because they penned you lot in to stop you fighting on the pitch and then what did we end up with? Two British stage plays also dealt with the disaster with different view points: Hillsborough disaster (Yorkshire and the Humber), Hillsborough disaster (the United Kingdom), Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation, 'The patronising disposition of unaccountable power' report. The Memorial bench remains at Spion Kop Lodge. They did not harbour conspiracy theories. Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool's manager at the time of the disaster, read a passage from the Bible, "Lamentations of Jeremiah". [120][121], The panel noted that, despite being dismissed by the Taylor Report, the idea that alcohol contributed to the disaster proved remarkably durable. [273] As a result, Emap Australia, who owned FHM at the time, pledged to make a donation to the families of the victims. [28], Meanwhile, Hillsborough was accepted as the FA Cup semi-final venue on 20 March 1989 by the Football Association. The only people that weren't against us was our own city. When the appeal closed the following year, it had raised over £12 million. [72] Jon-Paul Gilhooley, aged 10, was the youngest person to die. Hillsborough hosted five FA Cup semi-finals in the 1980s. "[105] Therefore, evidence such as witness statements which had been altered were classed as inadmissible. On 12 September 2012, after the publication of the report exonerating the Liverpool fans, MacKenzie issued the following statement: Today I offer my profuse apologies to the people of Liverpool for that headline. The Hillsborough memorial at Anfield (featuring the names of the 96 who lost their lives, and an eternal flame) was located next to the Shankly Gates before it was moved to the front of the redeveloped main stand in 2016. footballsite - The results of Sheffield Wednesday in the 1988/89 season when they finished 15th in Division 1 of the Football League. Hillsborough families called for the payments to be frozen during the IPCC investigation. "[245] MacKenzie retracted the apology in November 2006, saying he apologised because the newspaper's owner, Rupert Murdoch, had ordered him to do so, stating: "I was not sorry then and I'm not sorry now". [1] This led to a crowding in the pens and the crush. That it might so occur was foreseeable". CLUBS; Norwich City FC . 's—telling them to ban FHM. Popper's decision regarding the cut-off time was subsequently endorsed by the Divisional Court who considered it to have been justified in the light of the medical evidence available to him. Bettison had been one of a number of police officers who were accused of manipulating evidence by the Hillsborough Independent Panel. In October 1988 a probationary PC in Mole's F division, South Yorkshire was handcuffed, photographed, and stripped by fellow officers in a fake robbery, as a hazing prank. followed in April 2017 on the eve of the 28th anniversary of the disaster after a column by Kelvin MacKenzie concerning Everton footballer Ross Barkley. 'Why us? The Liverpool manager, Rafael Benítez, set 96 balloons free. their 1-0 defeat against Arsenal in the quarter-final of the Milk Cup. [262] Everton F.C. [183], On 28 June 2017, it was announced that six people were to be charged with offences in relation to the disaster. It was the club's 100th season at their Hillsborough ground. It made recommendations on the safety of crowds penned within fences,[18] including that "all exit gates should be manned at all times ... and capable of being opened immediately from the inside by anyone in an emergency".[19]. [48] In the following days more than 200,000 people visited the "shrine" inside the stadium. [9][23] The terrace was divided into five pens when the club was promoted to the First Division in 1984, and a crush barrier near the access tunnel was removed in 1986 to improve the flow of fans entering and exiting the central enclosure. Welcome To Sheffield Wednesday Programmes To search our site use the Programme Finder or Advanced Search boxes. [86] Attention was focused on the decision to open the secondary gates; moreover, the kick-off should have been delayed, as had been done at other venues and matches. Stuart Jackson. Peter McKay in the Evening Standard wrote that the "catastrophe was caused first and foremost by violent enthusiasm for soccer and in this case the tribal passions of Liverpool supporters [who] literally killed themselves and others to be at the game"[228][229] and published a front-page headline "Police attack 'vile' fans" on 18 April 1989, in which police sources blamed the behaviour of a section of Liverpool fans for the disaster. It entered the UK Singles Chart at number 1 on 20 May, remaining at the top for a total of three weeks. On 26 April 2016, after the inquest jury delivered a verdict affirming all the charges against the police, Crompton "unequivocally accepted" the verdicts, including unlawful killing, said that the police operation at the stadium on the day of the disaster had been "catastrophically wrong", and apologised unreservedly. Liverpool lodged a complaint before the match in 1989. They organised a sensible compensation scheme and moved on. Liverpool supporters were allocated the North and West ends (Leppings Lane), holding 24,256 fans, reached by 23 turnstiles from a narrow concourse. They played in the Football Alliance in the years 1889-1892 until becoming a member of the Football league in 1892. Sheffield Wednesday 1988-89; Swansea City, Auxerre (France), Montpellier (France) 1988-96; 1994 versions. Liverpool is a handsome city with a tribal sense of community. The lingering effects of the disaster were seen as a cause, or contributory factor, in all of these.[64]. [256] On the night of the verdict coverage, more than 124,000 tweets used the term The Sun. During a 2011 debate in the House of Commons, the Labour MP for Liverpool Walton, Steve Rotheram, read out a list of the victims and, as a result, the names were entered into Hansard. "[9]:313, Popper had excluded the witness evidence of two qualified Merseyside doctors (Drs Ashton and Phillips) who had been inside the stadium on the day and who had been critical of the chaotic emergency response. In the early years of the Seventies, hopes were high of a speedy return to the First Division. For the next two seasons they struggled to maintain their status. One supporter wrote to the Football Association and Minister for Sport: "The whole area was packed solid to the point where it was impossible to move and where I, and others around me, felt considerable concern for personal safety. [86] Further stating: "South Yorkshire Police were not prepared to concede they were in any respect at fault in what occurred. For some time, problems at the front of the Liverpool central goal pens went largely unnoticed except by those inside them and a few police at that end of the pitch. It was a Tory MP. Peter Caton 2012. 's 132nd season in existence. 30 years ago, season 1988-89 - The only place to talk about Sheffield Wednesday on the net, this is the football section where anything goes as long as it's football or Owls related, however do not be upset about the odd cricket thread, without cricket there'd be no Wednesday. This followed a legal challenge in the High Court by his family to have his treatment withdrawn, a landmark challenge which succeeded in November 1992. [175], The IPCC is also investigating the actions of West Midlands Police, who in 1989 had been tasked with investigating South Yorkshire Police's conduct for both the original inquests and also the Taylor independent inquiry. [49] Anfield stadium was opened on the Sunday to allow fans to pay tribute to the dead. Perimeter and lateral fencing was removed and many top stadiums were converted to all-seated. [301], In March 2018, British clothing retailer Topman marketed a T-shirt which was interpreted by members of the public, including relatives of Hillsborough victims, as mocking the disaster. Liverpool won the match by four goals to nil.[224]. [88] He said that "the Operational Order and police tactics on the day failed to provide for controlling a concentrated arrival of large numbers should that occur in a short period. [42]:149[43][44][45][46] The remaining 39 ambulances were collectively able to transport approximately 149 people to either Northern General Hospital, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, or Barnsley Hospital for treatment. The only one called was the Sheffield Wednesday club doctor.[84]. 4 Death on the Terraces: The Contexts and Injustices of the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster. 14 in the UK charts.[216]. [208], The event was remembered with a ceremony at Anfield attended by over 28,000 people. [225][226], Initial media coverage—spurred by what Phil Scraton calls in Hillsborough: The Truth "the Heysel factor" and "hooligan hysteria"—began to shift the blame onto the behaviour of the Liverpool fans at the stadium, making it a public order issue. [14], At the time of the disaster, most English football stadiums had high steel fencing between the spectators and the playing field in response to pitch invasions. Each season shows the final league table and league results if applicable. [256], The coverage was widely condemned on social media, with Twitter users saying that this reflected "Murdoch's view on Hillsborough", which was a "smear", which "now daren't speak its name". [215], A song was released to mark the 20th anniversary, entitled "Fields of Anfield Road" which peaked at No. [304][305] The documentary was unable to be shown in Great Britain upon initial release due to the 2012 High Court inquest still being in progress. Back to Top. South Yorkshire coroner Dr Stefan Popper limited the main inquests to events up to 3:15 pm on the day of the disaster—nine minutes after the match was halted and the crowd spilled onto the pitch. Talking to a House of Commons National Heritage Select committee, he said: "I regret Hillsborough.

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